Writing Groups

A writing group is a group of two or more peers who meet regularly (online or in person) to discuss, review, and provide feedback on their current writing projects and help each other overcome hurdles in the writing process. A writing group can serve any purpose its members choose and can focus on any type of writing: there are writing groups for poets as well as doctoral candidates. What’s important is for each member to benefit in some way from the writing group.

Why join a writing group?

A writing group provides a low-pressure environment in which to discuss your writing with an audience who can truly relate to your concerns. You’ll receive feedback from several fresh and neutral perspectives. Moreover, when you have the opportunity to review and give feedback on someone else’s writing, you will become more skilled at critiquing your own. An added bonus: being part of a group means making a commitment to prepare for group meetings. This will help you make regular progress with your writing assignments. 

The following handouts will help MALS students form and facilitate their own peer writing groups. ETSU MALS students will also find a Student Sign Up Sheet in their Goldmail Drive folders and on D2L. 

Writing Group Handouts