Thesis and Special Project Information

Each MALS student must complete either a thesis or a special project as the culminating experience of his or her program of study. For most students, this is the largest academic assignment they have ever approached. The length of time it takes to bring a thesis or project from idea to successful defense is highly individual, depending on the nature of the student’s research, whether he or she is studying full- or part-time, and whether or not the student has entered the MALS program with a thesis or project idea in mind. In reality, thesis or project preparation begins when a student designs his or her Program of Study. A student’s Program of Study provides the foundation of his or her interdisciplinary research, and the thesis or project must relate to the student’s coursework.

The following links and handouts will help MALS students with their theses or special projects from beginning to end.

Thesis and Project Guidelines

Both the MALS program and the ETSU Graduate School have specific requirements for the content and format of a thesis or project.

The Graduate Advisory Committee

Students working on both theses and projects will conduct their research under the guidance of a Graduate Advisory Committee (GAC).

Thesis and Project Proposals

Students must submit thesis or project proposals to their GAC chairs before beginning their work.

The MALS Portfolio

Along with your thesis or special project, you will be required to submit a MALS portfolio containing documents that best reflect your Program of Study.

Helpful Links and Resources for Writing a Thesis or Project Support Paper